See you soon!

it’s always a great day at manzanita

A West Philly-based
lifestyle & vintage boutique

Designed as a third place*, Manzanita is curated with its beloved community in mind. Shop fresh picked vintage that is always current, choice home and beauty products, the best of local makers, and stuff for kids! :)

Catch phrases like "it's always a great day at Manzanita!", and "this is the adventure of a lifetime, please dress accordingly" have become quiet cries for beauty and self-love in a commercial world driven by self-hate and exclusivity. Shopping at Manzanita is an experiment in radical acceptance and making the aspirational, accessible.


*In sociology, the third place refers to a space that is somewhere between home and work—a place where you can be yourself, hang out with friends and build your own cozy corner in the world.

decidedly nowstalgic

What’s good has always been good. That’s why we have thoughtfully curated clothing and goods that are joyous, well-made, and always in style. We want our pieces to be a part of your wardrobe and life for a long time—pieces that makes you feel like yourself. From vintage to beauty, everything is selected to be *decidedly nowstalgic*